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I have got a free plan website and if I change something in the Javascript or CSS code, It isn’t showed in the website, I have got a solution, to clear the cookies in the Google, but I can’t do it on every pc who uses the website. What is the solution?

Your users will get access to the new content when the cache period expires.

Or, you can call files using a cache buster, some thing like:

<link src=“/css.css?buster=v123”>

Don’t copy the code above directly, the quotation marks are not correct

Our servers enforce quite strong browser cache by default. Usually, that’s good, because it saves bandwidth, improves performance, and means you account can handle more traffic. However, the downside is that any changes to your website can take some time to be visible for everyone.

You can disable browser cache either by adding a query string to the URL (like @Greenreader9 says) or by adding some .htaccess rules like the ones covered in this article:

You can add these lines to the file called .htaccess located in your htdocs directory. If you don’t have one yet, you can just create it through the file manager (just make sure it’s called exactly .htaccess).

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this is what I did, might be good for you ? who knows

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