Server response times extremely slow

Is everyone experiencing this? Pages take 5+ seconds to load.

Using Google tests, speed index was 15+ seconds.

For me it takes approximately 7 seconds to load, also with a 200 Mbps 4G+ connection; it also depends on where are you connecting from, and the speed of your connection.

for me it took only a sec. it looks your connection is slow

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It just takes 4 second! Even in 100Mb/s wi-fi!
Check your connections or check your website is new or not.

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Connecting from London

Then it depends on your connection, because the servers are geo-located in London.

Iā€™m using Google PageSpeed Insights though so it is being tested via Google servers. Should have nothing to do with me. The times have decreased to 8.8s now but still terrible.

it depends when it be. some times server gets slow speed when the usage is high

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