Server path

The FTP set up is asking for server path, where can I find this information?

You may need to put /htdocs/ or /yourdomain/htdocs/ as server path, where yourdomain can be replaced with your domain.


Thank you Ergastolator1. Tried using /main domain/htdocs/ and also the /subdomain/htdocs/. But still not working.

Can you please clarify what’s not working exactly? What do you see? Is your FTP program encountering an error during the upload? Or are the changes not taking effect?


@Admin just trying to fill up the information needed to set up FTP on brackets and it is asking for server path. Where can I find it?

for remote path try to put only /

if it doesn’t work then /htdocs/

and make sure you use FTP and not SFTP


Thanks a lot! It works with /htdocs/


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