Server not found

Website URL:

What I’m seeing is:
Server Not Found Error

What Software I am using:
Html website No CMS or anything like that I am using the Firefox browser and Google Chrome. Same Result.

Welcome @jack_daniels, I clicked on the URL and went to this site, looks like it works as far as getting to the site, see snip below:

weird i had a few people say it was down still

Your site appears down for me.

I actually found this thread because my own is down:

Would you mind seeing if you get anything at that URL?

Loads well on CloudFlareDNS


Ok for me, comes right up

Weird, still down for me and according to

@jack_daniels could you talk me through how you resolved the issue?

Looks like a major DNS issue.

Neither ns* nor ns* servers are accepting connections to port 53 (the standard port for DNS) from where I am connecting (Spain).

My fix only fixes it on my end not on end users

If you wish to check and see if your website can be accessed from other areas try this out. Website Uptime Test: Check Website Status | Uptrends

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