Server keeps closing FTP connection

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I have been trying to use FTP via FileZilla to upload a large zip file to my server, because InfinityFree wont let me upload large files (the file is approx 500MB).

The first issue I had was that the server had an issue with TLS in FTP and kept disconnecting, so I set it to transfer files on plain FTP. This fixed the issue, but now I get another one. While the file is uploading, I get a message saying “Status: Connection closed by server”.

I cannot find any help anywhere. I need this as a test site for a client, so please can someone help me ASAP.


First of all, please note that there is a 10 MB file size limit on the server. This is not just the PHP upload limit, it affects all files, regardless of how you try to introduce the file to your account.

If the zip file contains files for your website, please extract the zip file on your own computer and upload the extracted directory instead. Because even if you did upload the zip file to your account, FTP does not offer a method to extract archives on the server.

If you would like to offer the zip file to download, please don’t use a website hosting account for that. Specialized file sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer are much better at that sort of stuff.

This might not be an issue. There is a quite short inactivity timeout on FTP connections to our systems, which may kill the “control” connection (used for browsing folders, and the like). FileZilla creates separate connections to actually upload the files, which should not be interrupted.


Thanks for the quick reply. I need to restore a wordpress website using Duplicator’s installer.php file and the zip file made.

I will try the transfer again and check via the File Manager.

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The transfer has said to be completed via FileZilla, however it is not appearing in site manager and the installer.php file is not detecting it.
Also, when I reconnect to the server in Filezilla, and tell it to send the file back to my pc via FTP, I get the error message: "|Response:|550 Can’t open No such file or directory|
|Error:|Critical file transfer error|

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I highly recommend against using any migration plugins. In my experience, they look very convenient, but they break almost every time.

Instead, this process is a far more reliable way to migrate websites: And it works with every script and CMS!

That’s the 10 MB file size limit kicking in. You can try to upload a 500 MB file, but the server will just discard it.

I am not interested in migrating the website anywhere. The issue is I have taken a backup of a Wordpress site and then wiped the server as there were too many random errors. I am trying to restore the website on InfinityFree servers so that I can check if the errors have gone and investigate into them a bit more (if they are still there) without damaging my client’s server/website.

[quote=“Admin, post:5, topic:13091”]
That’s the 10 MB file size limit kicking in. You can try to upload a 500 MB file, but the server will just discard it.
So is there any way to go around this? - 000webhost allows people to send a large file over FTP even though they don’t let you upload files that big with the file manager

No, we’re not 000webhost. We don’t allow people to upload big files over FTP. But we also don’t take down your website for an hour every day, so it’s really a matter of weighing the pros and cons.

This is why you shouldn’t just create backups, but also test them. It’s incredibly frustrating if you have backups, but only when you need them you find out that they cannot actually be restored.

The only backup method which I can recommend is just downloading the files through FTP and exporting an SQL dump through phpMyAdmin. I dislike the “don’t worry, we’ll handle everything for you” backup plugins for the same reason I dislike migration plugins: they tend to make a simple problem a lot more complicated.

What you could do is to setup a WordPress website on another system (like a local XAMPP server), restore the backup to it, and then migrate the files and database dump to your InfinityFree account following the article I sent before. It’s not quick and easy, but it will allow you to get your website back online.

OK, I will try that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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