Server ip adress not found

since yesterday have been geting this error message on my website after changing the name server in freenom to cloudflare nameserver
know i changed the nameserver back to, and am still getting this error please help me it urgent

You need to wait for a little bit of time until it works again

You nameservers point to DOMAINCONTROL.COM. You’ll have to change them to Infinityfree nameservers.

No it is pointing to
I check it or I should use a different nameserver

Now your domain is not pointing to any nameserver at all for my dig results while doing it with the Terminal. Change them to,,, and, save the changes and wait some time until it propagates.

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Add your main domain ip address as A record in cloudflare DNS editing

I already remove my domain name from cloudflare
And u said i should point my domain name to which i already tried once when i register a new domain and us which says server not found

Please note that DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. It’s normal for newly domains to take a few hours to be set up, and even longer for your internet provider to catch on to that.

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I now checked using DigWebInterface with as DNS and our nameservers are there, but there is not an A record in there. Try to check if in the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel there is your domain; if not add it on there, if yes then remove and re-add it again from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, then wait some time.
Also, please don’t post multiple times about the same issue.

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I did it my domain name now work but the problem is that all my file is gone that mean I need to start afresh

You’ll have to move your files from /htdocesfolder to!

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Ok let me try

It work but I get this message this site is facings a technical difficulties please check ur admin mail for solution

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