Server Error

Here is Problem with server nothing upload on the server and nothing fetched:

I am using Wordpress for Website Making:

Additional information:

There is a FTP issue that makes any account on the server read-only. You need to wait until the issue has been resolved, or configure FileZilla to access the FTP if you’re using the Active Mode on the net2ftp File Manager.
The template indications have been overwritten with the things that you have to put in the template, but AFTER the text of the template! There is the correct template, and all the things put in the right place:

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: I am having problems with the FTP server; I can’t upload nothing nor I can fetch files!

I’m using this software: WordPress

Additional information:

Can you please answer the actual questions, rather than your own interpretations of them? You don’t “see” that you can’t upload files. You can see for example an error message when uploading something, or that after uploading something in your software that the upload is marked successfully but the file is not there.

So can you please explain what you see, rather than what you think it means?

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