Server Error on Loading

I have installed a forum script at…

But when I load the page it said that there was a SERVER ERROR (Error 500). I have no idea of what is going on and need help.

Any help would be appreciated.

Usually, errors like these are caused by broken .htaccess files or incorrect configuration. Can you try to remove (or rename) the .htaccess file in that directory (if any). Do other pages on your website work well?

I removed the .htaccess file but I’m sill having the same error. Is there any other recommendations you can make.

This problem is site wide. I’ll reinstall the software and check again.

Now I got a file/directory that won’t delete. I need the directory for the software that I would like to use.


The file and directory loops and makes deleting the original directory impossible…

Okay. I got everything working again but I still have that problem as stated above.