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the link is not propagated

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I used the DNS server ns1.epizy and, but when checking the DNS it is not being propagated

I checked and I see a welcome page on your domain. Try changing DNS server on your device to Google ( and or cloudflare ( and :slight_smile:


That’s not the problem
When checking whether the DNS is being propagated, it says that it is not
I tried to set InfinityFree’s DNS server but it doesn’t point correctly

This is to promote my domain on hosting

The online test is here - click me

What exactly does that sentence mean?
That you made this topic to advertise ?


Two days ago, your domain name was working fine, and was using our nameservers. Now you changed them to Cloudflare. Both are fine, and nothing is wrong with your settings as far as I can tell.

If you’re still having issues, please explain what exactly is the problem you’re having. Please be detailed and specific. Just saying “it doesn’t point correctly” doesn’t really mean anything so it doesn’t tell us anything.


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