Server Deleted PHP File automatically

I am Using mPDF(6.0) For making PDF Reports. The function working well on the Localhost. But when uploading to the server, mpdf.php file was deleted automatically.

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Hello @Dizma. Are you sure that our systems haven’t detected your PHP file as malicious and deleted it? There is also a chance that your account may have been suspende after you added your file. Can you still acess your cPanel and see all the icons?

If you can see them then you are not suspended. Are you sure that your file is not uploaded? Maybe you just didn’t see it. Please try uploading your file again or re-check the folder again, maybe it just went past your eyes.

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Hi Mike,
I tried several times to upload , every time we deleted automatically. My account is not suspended. Web application working fine I just can not create a pdf file.

Hi Mark,
I tried several times uploading mpdf.php file. My account not suspended. Web page working fine only not possible create PDF file.

Is this the file you’re referring to?

That’s REALLY big for a PHP file, which is probably why it’s blocked.

You could probably use something like HTML2PDF instead.

Yes it 's the file . Fixed fPDF is better.