Server Config File

I was wondering if I we have access to Apache server configuration file?
I was thinking of redirecting http requests to https and found out that mod_rewrite is kind of discouraged by Apache and that server configuration is better.
See this stackoverflow post:

The idea is that .htaccess method does a second reload which is unpleasant and also leaves space for midway-attacks.

I have another question, if I send an http request to my website from external sources, instead of expected response, some weird response containing obfuscated javascript is received. After some research I found that it was your security feature. How can I go around this?

Not possible. The configuration file is used for every website on the server, so any changes will affect hundreds of websites. You need a VPS to Dedicated server for access to the config file.

This system?

You can bypass it with a custom domain and Cloudflare.


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