Seriously - what kind of environment is free software & services operating in?


Is the internet still free?

Or is anyone acting in this space now subject to tremendous pressure to limit the freedom and welfare of humanity as a whole ?

Recent initiatives to legislate all sorts of aspects of the internet (“crypto war I. as well as crypto war II.”) has cast an ugly shadow on future perspectives… Maybe you know better than me of course, since who am I… :earth_africa:

Or is the whole life just a simulation and we waiting for the restart

Freedom doesn’t really exist it’s just an illusion.
Try to walk down the street naked and see what happens :joy:

Or if you are a teenager in the USA…Try writing on some social network
Tomorrow I have a big surprise at school for all of you” and FBI will contact you very soon.
There are no things that are not tracked…

Even our free will does not exist, but it all boils down to action and reaction which finally leads to who we are. A cluster of past experiences and our reactions to them.

If I ask you to choose one number from 1-100,
That number you have chosen seems to be a product of your free will, but I and my question actually cause why you chose that number.

As long as there are people as variables in some process; there will always be those who want to be on top, who want power, and those who are figuratively sheep…

Sheep and Shepherds
Good and Evil

The internet was supposed to free us ,but we see how the Cambridge Analytica played key roles in several elections.

More and more people are using technology they don’t understand
and as such thay are increasingly subject to manipulations.

The key to freedom is education
the more smarter people are - the harder they will be controlled and manipulated


well I guess, rather than “The key to freedom is education” , they key is to unseat those politicians who fight freedom one legal bill at a time.

Kids growing up today already see George Orwell’s novel “1984” as some sort of “idealistic utopia of liberties” in comparison to reality. :cold_sweat:

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As far as I know
she’s done quite a lot in the fight against the crazy laws (need a little digging on that pages).

But it is difficult to sensitize the masses if there is insufficient knowledge to grasp the problem.
For most people the Internet is something virtual and therefore they feel that it is not their concern.

Another problem is that it is harder and harder to feel the reality because the mass media often create a false reality.
From the fake news that then leads to the wars all the way to ourselves who have also fallen into the trap of creating false reality (hyperreality) by publishing on FB and other platforms and fighting with others who have better pictures from vacation, weddings, etc.

In the end you do not enjoy the moment…instead, you keep your phone in your hand and thinking how you have to publish/announce it as soon as possible… you want someone else to confirm you as a successful, happy person because you don’t feel that way…

More and more superlatives are used in sentences… being a normal man with a normal life is no longer normal… :crazy_face:

If you don’t have a yacht with your 25 years of life - you’re not successful.
And such moral and social standards create a high pressure on normal individuals…
therefore many break, have a feeling of less value, depression, stress…
Briefly the society goes in the wrong direction…

We are bombarded with information and it is increasingly difficult to find the truth.
What does the brain do if it gets too much information?
It turns off

So you’re happy in the end if nobody touches you in your 4 walls - for the rest you don’t care.
And that is the goal of many influential powerful groups.

Squeeze you to care for nothing else but to be happy if you have peace/privacy in your house


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Yeah I knew Julia Reda (we called her J-Rheda-Wiedenbrueck) when she was only a candidate of the Pirate Party.

She sure is kinda on the right track. However, since mainstream media buys the b.s. du jour promulgated in the metropoles she sort of is whistling in the dark, you know. And that situation is not a political bug - no, it is a feature of course. :cold_face::woozy_face::weary::sweat::scream::sob::flushed: :hot_face: COOL Rammstein edition

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