Separate email from web hosting

I would like to host my website with Infinity Free but leave my e-mail with the present provider who also registered my domain name. So email with Ionos but website with InfinityFree using same domain name - is this possible?


Thanks for the quick response. I am something of a novice in this respect. Initially I just needed a domain with quite a few e-mail addresses. I chose Ionos as it was quite cheap for the domain plus e-mail package but I have signed up for a year. I now feel a simple web page would be worth having but don’t really want to pay for it at this stage. Anyway I will give your suggestions a try and let you know how it goes…!

Hey there!

You can use Cloudflare email and gmail SMTP for free since you have a custom domain.

If you want to stay with hosting here, and email with ionos, you should be able to host your domain here, and create an MX record for your email.


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