SEO not working in WordPress

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Hi InfinityFree,
I am hosting WordPress on InfinityFree, and I am using the AIOSEO plugin for SEO.
The plugin has a feature named SEO Site Score that checks your SEO score. I have a score of 42 (of 100). It’s not working. There is a screenshot.

In the first error in Advanced SEO, I am using a subdomain.

Please provide me any solutions for the problems!

Most likely this:


I’ve read the forum post but I don’t understand. Please explain what is the problem?

It means that simple HTML scrapers (like cURL, which AIOSEO probably uses) will not work with our hosting unless they can execute JavaScript and store cookies.


Is there any alternative plugins to AIOSEO that works with InfinityFree?

Yoast SEO is fine for adding all the extra tags for SEO. SEO scanners will all likely have the same issue. Fortunately, those scanners are not necessary for good SEO.


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