Sending domain to another hosting

Gostaria de enviar meus domínios da infitefree para outra hospedagem! Alguém sabe como fazer?

Hi and welcome to the forum! This is an English-speaking forum, so all messages must be in English, or at least translated accurately to English. Since you didn’t do that I already translated it for you:

If you have your own domain registered from another registrar (note that we aren’t a domain registrar), there’s nothing that stops you from moving to another hosting provider! Just change the nameservers to the other hosting provider, add it there (if you’re moving to another hosting platform that uses the same system as ours, you also need to remove your domain first from your hosting account here before adding it on the other platform), then you can download a backup of your website from your hosting account here with the help of this guide:

and then import it to your hosting account at the other provider by following this other guide (which works with other providers as well, not only us; you might just need to adapt the htdocs folder name from this guide to the webroot folder your new hosting provider is using):

If instead you have a subdomain from us, please note that it can only be used on our hosting platform and exceptionally on Premium Hosting if you migrate the contents there, then nowhere else.


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