Send email with Gmail SMTP - Recaptcha error



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I’ve been using the instructions here: GitHub - InfinityFreeHosting/contactform: Simple contact form with PHPMailer
in order to setup a form that can send mail.
The problem is that even all my settings are correct, I’m still constantly getting the error message above.

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There are still some problems with PHPMailer, OpenSSL, SMTP and the other system components required to make it work.

This topic has more information and a few workarounds to try:


Why does it so complicated…?

I mean… All I want is send emails lol, there is no meaning in paying monthly price just for emailing :confused:

The recent OpenSSL Upgrade caused a lot of errors on many sites lol… It has completely broken PHPMailer… The only thing I can say is when I tried to use the code from the InfinityFree Contact form it didnt work! I found this article worked extremely well using the GMail SMTP…

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