Self Signed (not trusted)

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Website not secure

I want to delete Self Signed (not trusted) SSL, but how? I chose Zero

SSL but how to activate?

You will have to verify your DNS records. follow the instructions. :/)


Simply continue the process to acquire the ZeroSSL certificate. After the ZeroSSL certificate has been issued, you can install it on your domain, which will replace any existing Self Signed certificate.


I see no process insight with ZeroSSL.
I’m emptying everything (reset) and try again.

Just click the Draft certificate order for ZeroSSL and follow the instructions on screen.

If that’s what you want, feel free to go ahead. But I’ve personally never seen any situation where removing an SSL certificate solved any problem. All problems with SSL certificates were fixed by installing a correct SSL certificate. And you don’t need to wipe everything to do that.


What I dont understand is why SSL certificates are offered here which are not supported by browsers? When I chose for Self Assigned I guess I could not process the warning; no browser support. Im completely lost. When I click domains I get a message theyre gone…

Self signed → mostly for this:

I see this right now

no IP assigned


Did you remove the subdomain from the system?
if you want to use them - please add them back to the system (Control panel - subdomains)


Started a new account with new domain url which is and want to use Clouflare, I follow the manual, but now this domain can’t be added, because it is partly a subdomain, anyway so i just added which triggered 280 records…Im about to give up on the unstructured mess that is infinityfree.

i’m sorry you can’t add free subdomains leveraged from infinityfree to cloudflare.


Cloudflare doesn’t support hosting subdomains with them. If you want to use Cloudflare, you have to get your own domain name. If you don’t like then, you should complain to Cloudflare, because this is a restriction imposed by them, not by us.

This has nothing to do with our hosting. Free subdomains are free subdomains. If Cloudflare refuses to host them, you cannot host them with Cloudflare. This is exactly the same with every other free subdomain out there with every provider.

If you don’t like our hosting, then I can’t stop you from going elsewhere. But at least let it be because of our hosting, not because a third party service we have no relation with.

The reason you saw the message saying the domain was gone was because you deleted the domain. I’m not sure what else you expected to happen.

If you want to host a domain with us and have an SSL certificate that’s trusted by web browsers, simply add the domain to a hosting account, and request an SSL certificate from a provider that has a tick next to “trusted by most web browsers”.

If you delete the domain, then it’s no longer hosted with us. If you select an SSL provider that says it’s not trusted by web browsers, it’s not trusted by web browsers.

What I don’t understand is that you saw a comparison table for SSL providers, selected the one that clearly said in the feature list “Not trusted by web browser”, you got a red warning popup saying that browsers would show SSL errors if you used that provider, you clicked the button to confirm you understood, and still you are surprised that this happened.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we could make it more that self signed certificates are not trusted, please do share them, because I’m out of ideas.


I choose Self Assigned SSL because I was notified here to make it work with Cloudflare, which is not working. When I choose the other option, it stays on draft with no direction to what to do.

Its very frustrating to see possibilities offered in the several wizards etc only to find out they dont work, so why offer? This hole infinityfree needs to be restructured.

From what I know, the subdomain and Cloudflare integration was depreciated long ago. so self signed ssl will work with a root domain (like So i’m sorry to say that you can’t get a workaround with a free subdomain and cloudflare for now. Blaming infinityfree is of no use. it is mentioned that you need to use a naked root domain.

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This Oxy person advised me Self Assigned, he did not say it wouldnt work, he is senior moderator:

Self signed → mostly for this:

idk about that… you cant add subdomain to cloudflare in the first place. I suggest you to stick with a SSL provider, zerossl and secure you site.

No, Oxy was informing you what Self-Signed certificates are for. If you are getting a self-signed certificate, you need another certificate-issuing trusted entity between the server, and your visitors (That’s what Cloudflare is).

If you are not using Cloudflare (And you can’t, because you have a subdomain), you need to choose from one of the remaining three providers, all of which are trusted certificate issuers.


Just click the certificate in the list. You’ll be brought to a page that tells you exactly what to do. The information is quite detailed, so we couldn’t possibly fit it in the certificate list page. That’s why you can click it and have a full page dedicated to helping you get to the next step in the order process.


Please don’t put the blame on me !

I was just answering your two questions from your post (directly above mine), and it wasn’t advice.

and in my answer to your second question
I gave you the answer to what you should actually do (advice!)



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