Self signed cerificate issue

i have a free subdomain of and created a self signed certificate of that but I think I will need to addthe site to cloudflare for self signed SSL but cloudflare only accepts main/root domain not subdomain, so how to add self signed ssl

Cloudflare will not work with free subdomain.
Self signed cert is meant for custom domain and subdomain


ok but i want a ssl for my free subdomain how do I obtain that



i have installed and inserted the private key and certificate in control panel but then also i am not able to see ssl working

You need to wait, check later

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it shows ssl pending becuase this is not my first time creating SSL, but here it shows no SSL found

Everything is not instant :grimacing:, please wait as suggested by @KangJL!

ok now its showing this, but on visiting site its still ‘not secure’… Is it because i choose self signed certificate(because it was written that it is not recognised by most browsers) and not gogetssl? or i just have to wait again?

Did you do this?

done… now showing this

What is your domain in the first place?

domain name?

Get SSL cert from GoGetSSL


ya i knew it that why i was asking this

btw how to change ssl provider

Create new SSL order.


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