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I managed to upload a simple WYSIWYG page for a story I wrote, and at some point certain punctuation marks all turned into question marks.

I’m now looking to make a better looking site that will work on this host, but my research came up with fancy template designs. I want a simple load page with links to chapters and such. Can anyone recommend one that a novice can use without having to learn a whole new set of skills?



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It would be useful if you could send us a screenshot or a link where we would see the characters in the form ????

It’s probably a problem with charset (encoding) or maybe you didn’t use HTML Entities for some spec characters…

Or something broke in the HTML code due to not closing tags and the like, so it goes crazy


Cole is visibly sad only once, during �My Heart Is Home�. She is sentimental about the loss of her mother but holds onto positive memories and has never lacked in love as her father dedicates his life to her as much as he can with his job and travel schedule. She loves her father very much, treats him with respect, and sees him not only as a parent but as a friend.

She is not a professional singer or stage performer. She�s a touch clumsy and specifically not a dancer or emoter who uses her hands and body to amplify her performances. She sings with her arms down and hands open, and at times on her leg she�ll tap out the melody with her fingers. She�s nervous during �Lorrydrivers Son� but more happy and relaxed with her father there for �Gang Party�.

It worked for a while when it was first uploaded, but now it’s this…

I am still interested in a basic WYSIWYG editor that will allow me to make a load page and a number of other pages I’ll link to. Frontpage wasn’t great but I was able to make a usable website with it in the 90s.


Frontpage is very dead now. And as far as I know, there isn’t really a modern counterpart to it.

Most people nowadays built websites with more complex software like WordPress, which provides a lot more features. And for simpler websites, it’s common to use a website builder like to build the site instead.

The advantage of these tools is that it’s much more straight forward to add more complex functionality, and not have a completely static site. And unlike a desktop editor, you can build most of your website on your PC, but also make a quick edit from your phone on the go.

I had a look at your site, and it seems that you’ve created it with Word. While Word can indeed produce HTML content, it appears to produce files in a Windows specific encoding, which doesn’t work well on websites.

This support page has more information on how to set the encoding for the file. Files for websites should always be stored with UTF-8 encoding, which Microsoft tends to call “Unicode”.

This should at least fix the question marks.


I will contact the user in PM with fix.


@Emersonshiff I sent you the index file via PM yesterday (for download).
You didn’t answer anything…
Do you know how to see personal messages on this forum?

That file is simply fixed so that it no longer displays ???
So you can quickly upload and let it stand and later you can use a new website editor in which you will write your website from scratch


Hello Again. My site works now but I downloaded Kompozer and it looks like a simple way to include a few images and create links within the document.

Is Kompozer usable as far as being compatible with Infinityfree?

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