See This Plz!

Help me plz Infinity,
Today i want to upload some files to my ftp account so i opened filezilla.Entered my account details and clicked gaves me a error that your username and password is incorrect.I even tried 3 more ftp clients but all didn’t work.So,i opened my infinity account and the page was blank.Only few icons were displayed.What is happening.Yesteredy was my site is well but know i open,i found ads.plz help me.My email is [email protected] and [email protected] 5799ef643540b.jpg


There’s a reason why we have pinned this post on the top


Your account has been suspended and the reason why is because we use very strict, but efficient system which suspends every account that uploads, contains or shares files/texts/contents/scripts that are frequently used by exploiters/hackers or people who break our terms of service.

There are alot of false positives and in most of the cases you are good to go. Just go to the pinned topic and click the link provided there, fill out the forms and simply wait :slight_smile:

Access to your account will be restored in matter of few hours, longest it could take may be a day. Our support team will review your case.

Anyways I have 2 good tips for you.

When you are having a problem you should always search the forum and try to find if there are any users reporting similiar problem and look for the solution in there.

And it’s probally too late, but there is no need to use your hosting account codename/username as your forum username. There are ALOT of people who have signed up like this.

5799fff6eabbb.png <— You can change your forum name/picture here.

Feel free to be part of us! And welcome to our community!

If you have any more questions, do not be afraid to ask for help.


Thank you for replying,
I had already submitted a ticket before writing this account and changed my username :slight_smile: but does using ftp clients is against your terms of service(wasntme) ? If it then plz reply me!

No, why would it be?

In fact we offer FTP modules on InfinityFree control panel. If it was against our terms of service to use FTP and FTP clients we wouldn’t be offering FTP at all.


We wouldn’t provide an FTP service if we didn’t allow you to use an FTP client, that would make no sense!

Most likely, you uploaded some content which was caught by our abuse detection system (all files are scanned while they’re being uploaded to stop abuse before it happens), which caused your account to be suspended and the upload to be interrupted as a result of that.

But regardless of when, how or why it happened, you need to submit a ticket like @bbot22 said.