Security threat when opening my URL


Error message:
AVG: We’ve safely aborted connection on because it was infected with HTML:Script-infEmu

Connection aborted.

Its working Fine for me ? try clearing your Browser Cache and all cookies then re-check

a lot of people are complaining that AVG is reporting a false positive of HTML:Script-infEmu on their websites

this is something that AVG will have to fix with their next update

until this happens you could always add a URL exception to prevent AVG blocking your site


It doesn’t work when I try entering it too; my malwarebytes blocks it

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well then you’ll have to whitelist the site in malwarebytes too

but im surprised that malwarebytes would block you typing in a website url into avg

something doesnt seem right here


My best guess is don’t involve your PC’s Virus Guard with the browser. You can use extensions like Ghostery and Privacy Badger, and I personally use those. It will block you from visiting dangerous sites. BUT DO NOT TURN OFF your Virus Guard.

I just visited your site and theres quite a few websites displaying data on it, the virus could possibly be detected in one of these other sites ? im not sure

I dont have antivirus :astonished: so im not able to check this

What? You don’t have a antivirus? DOWNLOAD IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN

The problem goes when removing /?i=3 at end of the URL.

Not sure how it got there or what it does.

Please read the below article:


I lived fine without an Antivirus. As long as you are smart enough not to trust everything online you are all good.


back when I had windows 7 and an administrator account I did indeed use avira antivirus and malwarebytes but when I got my new laptop I installed linux mint with standard user and havent bothered with antivirus


From my experience, antivirus programs aren’t worth the time you spend downloading or installing them. Antivirus is indeed good for those who are using computers for the first time, but other than that, it’s not a good idea to use an antivirus. Here’s the thing: antivirus programs can protect your PC, but only the viruses that haven’t been exploited yet. The thing is that companies like Avast and Kaspaskey are using a huge database to store any kind of threat, but if they haven’t found something new in that database, boom, you are done. Again, virus guards can be protective, but not every time.


I didn’t bother with it on Windows 10 at all. Planning to do the same with my future computer.


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