Search engine bots cannot read my URLs

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Error Message

“The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation.”

With bing search console, Live URL test, I am informed that Bing sees the following content, rather than the HTML I am serving for the same URL:

This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

Other Information

I have successfully verified my site in Bing Search Console (and also in Google Search Console).

The same URL successfully shows the intended HTML when I open it in the web browser.

In the infinityfree forum I found a hint that the URLs require javascript, but can be accessed by search engine crawlers:

However, none of my URLs is indexed by Google and Bing, they both tell me that they cannot access my URLs which are hosted at infinityfree.

Hi and welcome to the forum

As far as I can see, Google succeeds in everything
Can you tell us exactly what was listed as an error in the google search console?

Bing webmaster tools is “poorly made”
bot is not separated from other MS services (ASN)
and I also believe that the live preview does not directly use BOT
but some other engine (again a different mix IP address) while in fact, the real bot has access to this hosting. You just need to be patient until the bing bot decides to start crawling.

I am also interested in whether you have any custom .htaccess ?

because let’s say if I request any .txt file
your site offers that zero-byte file as a download (non-existent), and that’s not good behavior!



The problem is also because your XML sitemap file
instead of opening in the browser - download is forced !


Thank you very much for your detailed and helpful answer. I have fixed the issues you mentioned. Plus in the meantime Google Search Console also tells me that it successfully retrieves the URLs. So indeed, the observation in Bing appears to be an issue on the side of Bing.


You still need to solve this

The downloads is forced instead of serving the XML file (possible problems with some of the search engines because of this), only when I download that file and open it
I see URLs/links from your sitemaps.


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