Script problem

Hello I just install ElkArte for my forum, it’s working but the layout is funky.57d3493bb10a6.png
Any way to fix it? I tried other script too but they also be like this.
My homepage which is using Wordpress is still working and the layout is still working.
Here’s the links:

emm I can’t use https because google chrome said it’s loading unsafe script. Then I said load unsafe script now the layout is fine.

Hello @an12440h.

It seems like you have uninstalled ElkArte installation. However now your homepage (WordPress) seems to be broken. It looks like CSS classes and images are not being loaded properly.

Is there a chance that you may have experimented with some settings and accidently messed up your website? Perhaps you may have changed some .htaccess lines. Is your WordPress admin area like this too or it’s looking normal?

Can you please try to reinstall WordPress and see if it works?


The reason your website looks so strange is because your web page itself is loaded over https but the styles, scripts and images are all loaded over http. The most likely explanation for this is that your Wordpress installation and admin urls are still set to the non-https version. Can you please try to change those through the Wordpress admin area?