Script Caused Site To Be Takent Down for 24hrs

Hello , first time posting here

Thank you to everyone involved with making this service possible.

i had a small issue, yesterday my website was suspended because of a ‘script’ that was running
im not aware of any running scripts on my site
i am working on a Wordpress store, not sure if the theme had something malicious in it

i did scan everything before and after install,
this issue happened days after i installed plugins and theme.

also; do the Inodes ever reset, what happens when it reaches 100%?

In this content “script” should be interpreted as any kind of executable programming code. So a “script” isn’t just system shell code or something run in a browser, a website, blog, CMS, software suite, forum, shop, platform or whatever else you could host on your website are collectively called “scripts”.

So with your Wordpress store, you are running “scripts” as well. This also means that your account could never be suspended simply because you’re running scripts, your account can only be suspended because those scripts are doing something (or are suspected to do something) which is bad, like using an excessive amount of server power.

Inodes are never reset, inodes is a counter of the number of files and directories in your account. The only way to decrease it is to remove content from your account (note that the counter is not updated immediately). If it reaches 100%, you won’t be able to create or upload new files, which breaks most websites.

Thank you very much for all the input. very much appreciated