Schoolproject Premium

Hello we are using infinityfree for a project for school. And we would like to know if it is possible to cancel the subscription monthly. Because we would like to use it only during the course and afterwards we no longer need it. So if we need to pay even after the course is done we will keep using the free version.

Thanks for the help.

InfinityFree doesn’t have any paid plans. iFastNet (who powers them) does however.


oke I understand. then i ment to ask if iFastNet paid plans can be canceled monthly

Do you mean to use temporary hosting? If you want to use it then use it but if not then it is not used?

You can use it continuously on this free hosting because there is no billing period, even though you have no project for school and please note that hosting with a temporary subscription will make it troublesome because you have to upload it again if the subscription ends if you use paid hosting, because the data will be deleted and will not be stored on the server

If you want to know more about iFastNet’s premium hosting, maybe you should ask iFastNet directly, instead of a partner who happens to show affiliate offers for them?

But to answer your question: if you choose the monthly billing option with iFastNet, it really means you are on a monthly plan, which you can cancel at any month.


Thank you that was what I wanted to know. Sorry for the confusion I thought this forum was also for ifastnet. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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