Satisfied with the free hosting

Hi, I made my website

Using this hosting, instead of going paid in the future could I update my plan and get more hosting later with the free base? This hosting is awesome and good. But I cannot go paid for some reasons right now.

People still could help out with money for the hosting, sponsors and donators etc out there, infinityfree is a good company.

So my question is if some of the users put adverts to ifastnet or they could get an upgrade to more space later? I know the hosting cost, but this service is very good and some people care for free hosting.

Thanks for reading, regards.
Benjamin Kalyun

Unfortunately not. The only way to upgrade your account is to buy premium.


Good, but it’s an invalid domain.

No, that’s never gonna happen!

The domain works for me, it’s a free subdomain with full dns, I created it at

jaikrishna.t: I understand, but the free plan will work for now on :slight_smile: This hosting is so good!

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My thoughts about the hosting, about, the hosting very fast hosting, fast speeds, and it comes with Softaculous, you wont believe it but it does, so if you have a “good webpage” to host and project register at infinityfree and get free hosting just like me, its very good stuff. :wink:


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