Same Spike Over Last 3 Days

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
I am seeing the same graph of CPU usage Spike graph over 3 days with no difference.


I’m using this software:
I am using Latest Wordpress with Flatsome Theme.

Additional information:

The Account has started Mysteriously getting suspended for no reason. There is 0 traffic and I haven’t been using it. I am seeing the same graph of CPU usage Spike even when there are hardly any plugins which may use CPU in the background. I say this because I use the same plugins on other websites and they haven’t been suspended nor had such issues.

I want to see what causes this issue but before I wake up from my sleep it goes into suspension showing me the same graph which was shown a day earlier. Note that there is no traffic on that website. There is nothing that could cause such a spike as I have been using the same plugins on the other websites too. IDK what iFastNet is doing? Or is it a bug in iFastNet that causing to suspend my account on a loop.

Please let me know which file or process is causing this SPIKE so I can resolve my issue.
But unfortunately, I know admins won’t unsuspend my account because they don’t want to break the rule. Waiting 1 day will only cause another loop of suspension just after it gets released again causing me to have no time to diagnose the issue.

If there is no solution Please move forward to refresh or reset my account. It does not matter even if the files get deleted. I just want my account to act normally.

We don’t keep any detailed logs or metrics regarding which processes, pages or requests are responsible for the high resource usage. I don’t know for sure why that is, but I can imagine that collecting and storing these resource snapshots is quite expensive, and would help people to figure out how the limits work exactly. And that’s not what we want, because we want people to stay within the limits and not try to skirt them.

That said, there has been a substantial increase in the number of resource limit suspensions, so I do suspect that something was changed on the hosting system. What was changed, how it was changed, or whether it’s intentional, I don’t know yet, but iFastNet is looking into it.

But if you want quick result, you could always consider an upgrade to premium hosting. With premium hosting, you get both higher resource limits, and detailed statistics and snapshots to help debug what causes the high resource usage.

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