safe_mode for my web

Please, how can I have php safe mode ON ,on my web.
I need for my wem turn on safe mode, but there is safe_mode tun OFF.
Is possible turn php safe-mode on?
How can I do it?

PHP safe_mode was removed from PHP with version 5.4, which is the oldest version of PHP we offer. PHP 5.4 is was released in 2012 and support for it ended in 2015 (so fewer and fewer hosting providers offer it). Safe mode was removed because it was a bad approach to security and is and always has been fundamentally flawed.

So PHP safe mode isn’t a setting we turned off, it doesn’t actually exist anymore for any of the PHP versions we offer. Instead, our servers are secured the right way.

If your software demands PHP safe mode, that means the software is heavily outdated and you should really think twice about using it.

Thank you,
I tried to solve a problem that might be in something else.
When I want connetr to server Client found response connect type of text/html but expected text/xml.other

I had my web on another host and everything worked.
Now I’ve moved my site to aaaaa and the connection does not work. The form for submitting login data gets the server response as html and no xml.

Please, is there a solution to this problem on this hosting?

API access is blocked on InfinityFree, you can only host websites here. You need to upgrade your account if you would like to host an API.