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I don’t know in what language were you writing before (aka you were writing the gibberish language), but please speak in proper English next time, instead of letting us guess the contents of this post in gibberish language!
However, I was greeted with a default page of InfinityFree on, so please upload the website on the htdocs folder / install WordPress or other apps through Softaculous, so we can see it.

someone translate it!

I can’t, I don’t understand “slashing the head on the keyboard” language. @RUPEEZ, at least rewrite it in English, instead of us trying to understand gibberish!

but it’s not similar to gibberish language.

i feel he just pressed random keyboard buttons

Or he was just slashing his head on the keyboard; I think so :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
However, here’s the next message he will try to write (obviously in a quote of himself; and with accented letters added, because of the Italian keyboard layout) :rofl::

that will translate in:

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