Running Python on server and connecting to sqlite3

I’ve been trying to find a way to run python and get sqlite3 to work on your hosting service. I am fairly new to website development so any help would be greatly appreciated.
My first question is how am I able to run python from within the server, meaning that I can call a python script from another file (e.g. php file).

Secondly, how can I upload and use sqlite3? I can only see the option for mysql

Admin of Infinityfree forum already mentioned that there is no plan to offer a language other than PHP.

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And Mysql.

About premium one. Not sure about sqlite but Python supported on this plan. But you need to buy premium.

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Python is not supported on our hosting, and probably won’t be any time soon. Python is only available on iFastNet’s premium hosting.

SQLite is available on all services though. Our servers have the PDO drivers for SQLite installed, so you can use SQLite from PHP. Since SQLite is just a file which can be placed anywhere, you can create a SQLite database in whatever way you want and then upload the database file to your hosting account using FTP or a file manager.


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