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I wanted to install a website rotator script that would link to websites I am a member of (not commercial affiliate links) It would have a limit on how many times a day the script would be used.

I also wanted to install a banner or text ad rotator script. The banners would not be hosted on the site itself, they would be on the website they are linked to, the script would display a number of banners on the website I create or external blog I created.

Both scripts would be for my own personal use only.

Good for you!

Or did you want to ask a question about this? If so, what do you want to know?

Sorry, I’m new to this forum! I meant to ask if I was allowed to install the scripts as they are not ones that come with the hosting account. I know how to install them, I ran them on another hosting platform a few years ago and I wanted to start again. If you can tell me if I am breaking any rules before I install them, that would be great! Thanks.

OK, that explains the message.

Regarding the website rotator, that sounds like a kind of auto surf site, and we don’t allow that kind of sites.

The banner rotator script is no problem. You are allowed to display your own advertisements on your website, which means you’re of course free to run the software to do so.

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me. The website rotator isn’t autosurf, the page would just redirect to a different one when a visit goes back or another visitor comes along but I will abide by your reply. I will just put static banners alongside other information.

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