Rules you must follow before posting content in this category

  1. Always use search before writing tutorials, to see if it has been done before.

  2. Don’t write tutorials on something everyone can learn by reading the Knowledge Base .

  3. Anything that has nothing to do with InfinityFree, e.g. “how to use to host a forum”, “how to improve your home WiFi” and the like will be rejected or moved to other categories.

  4. Content should be clear and concise. Everyone should understand and apply it with the minimum necessary knowledge. More detailed step descriptions and the use of screenshots can help a lot.

  5. Keep your document well-structured, use IT terms and generic terms like “Control Panel”, not “Cpanel / VistaP” and the like, use a spellchecker, paragraphs, avoid using emojis, bad syntax, etc.

  6. Please post a finished tutorial. Don’t say “I’ll finish later” or “I’ll add code formatting when I have time”.

  7. Anything that just links to an external website or is copy-pasted from somewhere else will be rejected.

  8. Do not put your signature at the bottom nor use the tutorial as a promotion to your website and/or any other suspicious addresses.

  9. The amount of memes is getting out of hand - therefore do not use them either within the tutorial or for comments.

Important - before you decide to publish your article please make a backup of it and save it locally in some txt file. The reason for this is that if we reject your article for any of the above reasons, your article will disappear permanently and this act will then make it more difficult for you to correct and refine it.

Where’s my tutorial?!? - If you recently posted a tutorial and now you can’t find it,
then you must know that it must be approved by the moderator.

Notes - We’re trying to keep this forum friendly and happy, and reject a tutorial that does not meet the basic requirements is part of that. It’s nothing personal, so please don’t take offense. Thank you !