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I would like to use maichimp rss campaign but cannot use because of problem connecting to rss. Rss validators also cannot connect to my rss feed this because of access restrictions?

Most likely is due to this…

Try adding your domain manually to CloudFlare. You need to change to CF nameservers.


İn that case, I think I will migrate my websites to another hosting provider (maybe paid) is there an easy way to migrate wordpress without losing data?

Tried. Cluldflare gave SSL handshake error

Can you show the CF dns entry?

Please make sure Cloudflare is set to Flexible SSL. Using Full SSL is fine too, but you will need to get a valid SSL certificate and install it here. To make WordPress play well with that, you can setup your website as described in this article:


I switched to a paid plan of a Turkish company :slight_smile:

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