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Dear all,
I am using WordPress installed to epiz_25976657 and try my best to share the posts elsewhere once they are published at WP. All I want to do is simply to be able to post anywhere (at least one place) to later take it from there. Not a big deal really so I tried a few options as described below. However, they mostly fail due to the reasons which seem to be set by Hosting.

  1. Simple RSS export. It doesn’t work. The feed is not passing the W3C validation to be taken further. Neither do WP add-ons generating RSS feed.

  2. Connecting the WP via IFTTT - to copy the post to, say, Tumblr and then taking it to Telegram from there.

  3. Installing standard WP Add-ons such as WP to Telegram or SNAP (for other networks).

I seem to have found an old (a few years ago) note that RSS is not supported by the free plan. What about any other ways? All the rest is fine (or I can make it fine), but this is annoying. Before giving up - is there any way I did not think of?

RSS seems not allowed on free hosting for security reasons. (forever, noway :<)

Hello @Klopski!

This is because of InfinityFree’s security system blocking the validation as it uses bots.

InfinityFree also blocks IFTT requests just like the W3C validation.

Yes, if those websites(W3C & IFTT) have some sort of mechanism that makes them a user then why not? Only if these companies take it manually (not using bots for scanning something).


Thanks, @JavesPotato, this is what I thought. However, I obviously have no access to their code so I doubt I manage to make them look like a human :slight_smile:

Still, the standard WP add-ons are also using the crawling to generate RSS, I assume? Is that right? Even if they finally provide the link like the standard /feed/atom/

I am definitely not going to ask to breach a security for me if it is set in such a way. Just thought maybe there is some other way to generate RSS?

Sorry, @katufo, missed your comment. Fair enough then. is a great blogging site for feeds atom, however, only for blogging, not for php hosting etc…

And it’s okay :blush:


I can go to to keep the WP which I am pretty used to. The good thing about Infinity Host is that it allows to fiddle with the settings, CSS, add-ons etc. This is why I said that the rest is fine or I can make it fine. Just a pity to miss one much needed feature. :slight_smile:

I am even thinking about copying things manually, but this is ridiculous, of course.

How sad that RSS importing is not working. Goodluck sensei!

That’s why I stick to Infinityfree hosting and forum!


All the issues you listed are caused by the same issue: a security system which helps to enforce that websites hosted with us can only be viewed through web browsers. Any normal web browser can access your site, but RSS readers, API integrations or mobile apps won’t be able to access your site.


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