Roundcube Webmail doesn't load

Since yesterday, roundcube webmail no longer wants to load the emails. Is that an issue on infinityfree’s end or roundcube and who should I contact to fix it?

You should contact us, but that’s what you’re doing here already ;). It’s our RoundCube installation so we’re the ones to blame if that breaks too.

That said, “RoundCube doesn’t load the emails” is not really an error description I can do anything with.

Can you please explain:

  • On which account do you experience the issue?
  • On which email account do you experience the issue?
  • What do you see when you open the mailbox? Do you just see a message saying “No emails in this folder” or something like that or do you get an actual error?
  • Can you receive new emails?

When I open the site, it shows “Loading” and it continues loading for a minute or so, then the Loading window disappear and it remains blank. Once the loading disappears. I’m not sure if I receive new emails though. It happens on [email protected]

edit; trying to click on refresh, new email or those won’t load,

I just tested RoundCube on a temporary mailbox on your hosting account. However, the email client was working fine for me and the test message I sent to it came up in the inbox immediately.

I don’t know but it’s still not working for me. Tried clearing my cookies, using a different browser but none worked.