Roundcube webmail change password settings in email account

Currently I have created email accounts with my domain in CPanel using roundcube webmail.

How do I allow individual users to change their email password in roundcube webmail with out giving each user access to my infinityfree account.

You can’t allow individual users to change their email password on RoundCube without giving every user access to your InfinityFree account on InfinityFree, but your individual users can ask you to change the password to e.g. ******* and then change it from the “Email Accounts” section on the Control Panel.

Is there any alternative to this. I need to manually change password for every user. Imagine if I have 50 email accounts it will be a painful process. When I searched the roundcube forum it states that if password plugin is added to roundcube webmail the change password feature will be visible in email account.

If this feature is there I am ready to upgrade from free plan. Kindly advise

You can’t add plugins to change password on their Webmail because they’ve blocked FTP access to it. Even on Premium Hosting they’ve blocked the option to add plugins on their Webmail, so deal with it.

Is there any other service provider available as an alternative to roundcube?

RoundCube is not a service provider, it’s a software you install on a server and configure with the IMAP and SMTP parameters you get from some email hosting services. You can install it on your website just with the Softaculous available with Premium Hosting, so you will get as IMAP and SMTP server mail.yourdomain ready for use to integrate the sending and receiving features on a third-party webmail software you install and configure yourself, over using the cPanel integrated webmail services, that aren’t customized in any way!

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