Roundcube Mail not working

Hello! Roundcube Webmail worked a few hours ago when I installed it but now not anymore and is saying this:

What should I do in this situation?
Thanks in advance!

Looks like it‘s down.

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Oh, okay!

This is totally NOT okay. It has been several hours with a disruption to accessing email account. Some emails can be extremely time sensitive. This is a serious tort.

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The email server has been down quite frequently recently, and when it did go down, it was usually for multiple hours. This is very bad, especially considering that all other parts of the platform have been much more stable.

That said, please remember that we provide first and foremost a website hosting service, not an email hosting one. Email does not have priority for us, and the email service is very basic.

Also, please remember that email is inherently not a real time protocol. Email can be delayed by outages, spam filters, slow queues, greylisting and other intended and unintended situations. If you have extremely time sensitive communication, email in general is not a suitable protocol, because it’s not designed for real time communication.

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I am new here just open a account. I try to login to round cube with my cpanel user name and password. But login failed. Please help me to login to round cube email.

That explains the issue: you need to login with the email address of the mailbox you’re trying to check and the password you set through the Email Accounts menu. Those credentials are different from your control panel credentials.

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