Roundcube login fail new account

My website URL is: / epiz_24983595
At this time there are no web pages on this site.

What I’m seeing is:

I can log in to my control panel ok…
I have setup a new Roundcube email address as [email protected]
I have checked the MX records have been added… all is good
when I go to Control Panel and select Web mail l get sent to this address

When l try to login with user name “[email protected]” and my chosen password… I get Login failed error.
I have tried… changing the password, deleting and re making the E mail account, using different browsers Chrome, Opera and IE explorer. I have also tried logging in on a Linux machine… all give error or no response ie, just re opens the login dialog.

I have read several other listings on the forum, but nothing actually answers the question.
l am sure you get many messages about this, perhaps you can list the things that could go wrong so we can all get this done and working.

Waiting your urgent reply


I’m using this software: Chrome, Opera IE browsers

Additional information:

Did you also check the knowledge base in addition to the forum posts? Especially this article? This article actually lists the things can frequently go wrong, like you asked for.


Hi… Thanks for getting back to me… Yes… there was an error… I had included #$ in my password, and these characters are not allowed… so I changed the password, however… I still cannot log in…
Please refer to my latest post re “Suspended account not even used” as this may be relevant.
Thanks… I hope we get this solved soon

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