Robots.txt and google positionating

Hello, i want to positionate my page to google but when i try to put it in google search console it keeps showing this message:


It says “robot.txt is blocking one important page” i opened robots.txt and it’s not blocking anything you can see it here

what is wrong?

  • ErMuyayoMiquel

I’m sorry, but I can’t read Spanish (I think?) and since you posted it as an image and not as text I can’t feed it to a translator either. What does the message say?

It says It has been detected some issues related with the state of your property and “robot.txt is blocking one important page”

Well, I don’t know about that, but I did just check your robots.txt and I think it does the opposite of you what think it does.

User-agent: * means “every user agent”, which means the rules following it affect all spiders and bots. Disallow: / means “block everything under the URL /”, which effectively means that all URLs on your website are blocked.

In short, your current robots.txt says that no bots should ever access your site.

If you don’t need to configure anything specifically for bots, you could just remove the robots.txt file completely. That way, every bot can index any page on your website.

Thank you very much!!! Problem solved! :wink: