Roadmap implement php 8.0 or higher

Is there any Roadmap implement php 8.0 or higher.

many CMS and framework are migrating to php 8 but I can’t select it, in my case I’m doing a development from scratch that implements php8.1 since I use enum/case a lot… but when I come here it doesn’t work for obvious reasons.


Our service provider, iFastNet, says this:

This is on the roadmap. However, due to the way our servers on free hosting are configured to run PHP its not a ‘trivial’ upgrade, so no time lines are able to be provided.


that bad…

This service is also free, so all the new stuff does not come here immediately. It gets added when people feel like adding it.

If you want PHP 8 support, but premium hosting. If my memory serves me correctly, PHP 8.1 is also available.


okay. I never thought that the excuse for not adding php 8.0 or higher is because the service is free… thanks for the explanation…

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I mean, really, they have no obligation. Remember, you get what you pay for. They could shut down the service and really, like I said, you get what they pay for.

They do all this much, so I think being grateful is the best we can do for them right now :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, they are working to upgrade, but they just don’t know when.


Or ifastnet could upgrade php when wordpress deprecates php 7.4 :joy:

7.4 is still recommended version
let’s see if wp changes recommended php version in 6.0 (due to release in few days) and forum flooded with people asking to upgrade php because php 7.4 is deprecated


I have not asked if there is any obligation (your answer is out of place) … I have not asked if what I am going to get here (it is clear that your answers have nothing to do with my question) they only seek to face a question with a bad idea… and a dark and wicked goal.

I don’t know what weight WordPress has, in the decision to support a version of php… it seems to me that frameworks should have more weight…

if the answer was:

infinityfree has not yet made the decision to implement a version of php higher than 7.4 because we assume that this could cost us market share of paid services… and it is not an imminent requirement from the community Implementing a higher version than the one you mention…

would be a more real and accurate answer…

Cost is not the issue here, time and effort is. In any case, the original query has been resolved.