Rf.gd domain is blacklisted in google & facebook

My website URL is: www.jotronamplifiers.rf.gd & www.zeronear.rf.gd

What I’m seeing is: These subdomains are not supported on Google Ads and Facebook. They automatically detect these domain as harmful.

I’m using this software: wordpress and html

Additional information: Google search console says “Uncommon Downloads” , will not appear in search, reason, " Crawl anomaly" . Facebook don’t publish posts saying unsafe domain. Instagram doesn’t allow this domain. Whatsapp also blocks it.
Google adwords doesn’t allow this domain to advertise on their platform.

somehow i managed to make url www.zeronear.rf.gd appear on google now. But it will disappear soon. www.jotronamplifiers.rf.gd is not appearing in google search. Also robots.txt can’t be accessed on www.jotronamplifiers.rf.gd but it can accessible via jotronamplifiers.rf.gd

Google and Facebook both lump the free subdomains together as a single, related entity. So if one other abusive site on free hosting slips our filters, then Google will mark the domain in the webmasters console and Facebook may ban the domain entirely.

Unfortunately, this is a policy decision by Google and Facebook. There is nothing we can do to prevent or stop this (except for stop offering free subdomains).

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So what is the point, if we can’t get traffic from social networks and google search? How do we get traffic?

Even paid promotions cannot be done. I think that is an issue.

And what about this errors like “Uncommon downloads” or “crawl anomaly” in search console?

You can still have you site appear ok n Google, or posted on Facebook, if you use your own top level domain (including ones from Freenom). I agree that it’s disappointing, but it’s not InfinityFree’s fault.


As you mentioned above, I tried to host a domain from freenom(zeronear.tk) and got an error message like this

" Sorry we do not support hosting .tk domains on free hosting.

<center><FORM><INPUT class='btn btn-primary' TYPE='BUTTON' VALUE='Go Back' ONCLICK='history.go(-1)'></FORM></center>"

I believe they had to disable some free domain extensions (such as .tk) because of abuse/spam problems.

I personally recommend a .com or .net domain, it’s better for your brand as well to look more professional. kamildev.net is the domain I registered via NameSilo, and it’s been a very enjoyable experience.


Like the message says, it’s not possible to host .tk domains due to abuse. Other free domains are supported (e.g. .ml, .gq, .ga and .cf), and you should consider to register one of these four extensions, except .tk, if you want to not pay for a domain.


I registered a domain under .cf extension. When i checked the url http://www.jotronamplifiers.cf/index.html is not accessible while http://jotronamplifiers.cf/index.html is accessible. The domain in hosted in infinity free servers.
How to solve it?

They’re both accessible to me now. Note that when you’re making a new website or changing domain nameservers, it can take awhile for it to take in effect.


ok. Thanks for the information.

Ask Google and Facebook? They may have blocked our domains, not the other way around!


To be honest, if I bought the domain rf.gd, I would regret if the domain was blacklisted by some services because I know buying a two-character domain name would definitely not be cheap

Then people make use of the subdomain of rf.gd for various purposes, if the purpose is good maybe it’s okay but there must be people who use it with undue purposes

What is to blame is that people who use subdomains unwise, Facebook and Google or whatever services will not make policies to block subdomains if there is nothing dangerous

Let’s use subdomains wisely so that it doesn’t become spam and this is the same case with domains from freenom with the extension .cf .ml. Tk .gq and others that are considered spam, even though not all of them do that and eventually it affects those who use the domain. even though the domain is paid


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