Revert back to free service

username epiz_26251702 with 3 domain :;;

I tried to subscibe to the service at ifastnet, even though its the cheapest service, it works great. after 1 month, unfortunately my project ended and I decide to not continue the subscription.

Error Message

When I open the site (all 3 of them) it says that
This Account has been suspended.
Contact your hosting provider for more information.

I know that my subscription at ifastnet is over, but I can’t find a way to revert back to use infinityfree free service.

Other Information

my 1 month subsciption of ifastnet ended on 09/27/2020 (non recurring payment)

Hello there,

I’d suggest to ask iFastNet support ( to re-activate your free account.

I hope that this helped.


You should always contact them saying you are cancelling, that way they can downgrade you, if you don’t then the odds are your data may be deleted.

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Hi, thanks for the pointer, I’ve opened support ticket on,
and my service is terminated on 4/10/2020 (they give me backup file for me to download before deleting my files on their server, very nice)
The problem still exist though, but now instead on saying

This Account has been suspended.
Contact your hosting provider for more information.

now when I open the web it say:

SecureSignup.Net has changed to !
You can login using the same usernames and passwords we have only changed the domain.

Previously I think I still need to wait for dns changing, but its already 2 days and I still cannot access my web.

Any help?

I got the problem solved by doing the suggestion from ifastnet support staff that are:

  1. try a different browser
  2. Clear your browser cookies and cache/temp internet files.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Restart/reboot your network modem/router (if you have both, restart the modem first and then the router)

Glad that you got it solved

Nope. None whatsoever. This issue is completely within the hands of iFastNet and their premium infrastructure. It’s completely unrelated to InfinityFree.


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