Restore my deleted account

I wrongly delete my account. I set my domain name to that account and my page is appearing on the net based on that account. But I deleted that account wrongly. How can I restore my account or how can I use my domain to a new account. Because when I try to add my domain name to my new account it says that domain is alread assigned and in use. Please help me.

You can’t delete accounts exactly for that reason. You can only close the account, and you can reactivate the account with a single click. Just view the closed account in your client area and click Reactivate.

I can’t see the closed account. Please where it is.

@smatech said:
I can’t see the closed account. Please where it is.

I can check, but I don’t know what to look for. Do you have a username or a domain name I can check?

The following is the email I received when I created that old account.


Thank you for signing up with InfinityFree! Your hosting account will now be setup over the next 5 minutes and this email contains all the information you will need in order to begin using your account.

New Account Information
These are the details you need to login to your control panel, from where you can start to manage your account and begin building your website.
Username: rfgd_18956144
Password: (the password you entered while creating your account)
Control Panel URL:
FTP Hostname:
FTP Username: rfgd_18956144
FTP Password: (the password you entered while creating your account)

Domain Information
Your account has initially been provisioned with one of our free subdomains (see above). Note that it can take up to 48 hours for the website to become visible due to a process called DNS Propagation. The actual time depends on many factors, your Internet connection being the most important factor.

Do you already have your own domain? You can add it to your account using the Addon Domains section in the control panel. Before you can do that, the domain must be pointing to our nameservers, which are as follows:

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Get Support
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I’ve checked the account rfgd_18956144, but it was suspended and deleted already in January this year.

If an account is just suspended, you can get it back. But once it’s deleted, it’s gone for good. And your account was deleted a long time ago.