Restore my deleted account

Hello, I’ve using infinity free since last year for my school projects and one of my projects under this URL: that I just found out that it has been deleted and going through my email and I found this > Your InfinityFree account epiz_21490568 ( has been deactivated .
If you have fewer than three accounts, you can reactivate it through your client area. If you don’t reactivate the account, it will be deleted automatically after 5 days.>
It was sent to me 2 months ago and I didn’t see because it was in my spam folder.
is there any way I can restore my account even if it means paying money for it because it has my final year project pleaaaaaase :sob:.

Please check your client area for the account. If the account is still there, you can probably reactivate it. If the account is gone, that means it really is gone, and there is sadly no way we can restore it.

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