Restore my accounts

Hello administrator and group people, how can I restore my domains to 0 and empty all the information without unsubscribing?

I made an error while uninstalling my backup from the site, it abruptly cut and this forced me to delete all the files manually in the htdocs folder, now when trying to run the installer it is not recognized by the domain or the hosting.
the htdocs folder has the 2 original files.

Does the information in this article answer your question?


ok and how do i do it ???

deleting the domains ??

the akeeba backup installer does not start and the page is blank!

If you try using a backup plugin/program, it will break due to 10 mb max limit on a single file. Just download everything you need, then just empty the htdocs folder. Also please follow the instructions provided in the article that @Admin linked to.


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