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I have been working on my website and storing information in the database. I changed the type of several of the tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. Since the change, several of the pages will not load. Everything worked fine at Noon ET on 12/2/2021. After the change, only a few pages load. Can the DB be restored or can you direct me to how to fix it? I’ve tried changing the type back, but it doesn’t seem to do any good.

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, backups are not taken here (They are on Premium hosting though), so there is no way (that I know of) to revert your database to a previous version. Changing they type of database can break some things depending on your setup, but without more information on how your code works I cannot really tell you want to expect, or how to fix it.

I’m really new at this, and the code is pretty basic. What I don’t understand is that some of the pages work, and some don’t – even when they use the same tables. There are two php pages – one is to enter stats and one is to view the stats. One barely loads and the other loads but is missing some buttons. Neither page was editted today.

Then there is another page that pulls some information from the same DB table. That one works.

All the information in the table was test information. If I recreate the table, would it likely start working?

If it is all test info, and none if it is that important, definitely reset it!

When you say “reset,” do you mean delete the table and build it again, or is there some way to reset it?

Sorry for not making that more clear :slight_smile:

Here are your steps to preform a full reset of your database table:

  1. Open the “MySQL Databases” tab in the Control Panel
  2. Delete the table you are using (via the dropdown menu in the Control Panel)
  3. Add the table back in using the “create database” text field and submit button in the Control Panel (You should be able to use the same name).
  4. Open the new database, and re-import your data.
  5. Re-try your software.

Thank you for your help. I discovered my problem. It wasn’t that I changed the Tables. I had forgotten that I deleted a table that I wasn’t using – although I really was. It was a simple two-column table with six simple rows of data. I added it back and everything worked fine.


Yep, that would go it! Glad to hear that its working.

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