Restart mysql service

cambie el cotejamiento de la base de datos y necesito reiniciar el servicio para que tenga efecto , pero no se donde hacerlo.gracias.

Hey kindly translate your questions into English before posting for a faster help.
Yikes, can’t understand.

We cannot restart servers, but it’ll be great if you explain it clearly.

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You can’t change the global database collation. You can’t edit the global server configuration and can’t restart the server to apply any database configuration changes.

You can only change it for individual tables and connections and such, which is up to your code to do.

But this looks like a classic case of an XY Problem: you’re trying to solve problem X, and believe you can solve it by changing the main database configuration. You believe you have made these changes but are having trouble applying them (problem Y). Even though solving problem Y won’t solve problem X.

So can you please explain what exactly your problem X is? What exactly are you trying to achieve here?


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