Resources' limits renewal


Do the resources’ limits renew every month?
Today when the day changed (server time) i immediately got an email saying that i have used more than 50% cpu.
I remember that exactly 1 month ago, i actually did hit this much cpu. I also doubled checked my emails.
Logging in the control panel at the statistics page, i see that the usage of the previous month is still there.

What bothers me is that on the 1st and 2nd of November i reached the limit of cpu and ep respectively.
Does this mean that i will immediately get suspended on the 1st and 2nd of December?

Or did this all happen because of a bug? My account was created on October. Maybe the limits will get reset next month?



The usage counters are reset every 24 hours. After that, they are still visible in the Account Statistics graphs (which are a bit hard to read - the X axis is the day of the month). But the counters themselves reset to 0 every day.

The warning emails are a bit weird. I don’t know how exactly they are triggered and you’re not the first to report emails being sent for no apparent reason.

But in that case, it’s fairly safe to just ignore the emails. From what I know, the resource counters are still accurate.


So, everything happened as predicted.
My account got suspended today when the day changed at server time.

And i got the 2nd predicted suspend today.
Can you check it Admin?
Does this happen to everyone?

I’m sorry, but check what exactly? Your account is indeed suspended. What else do you want me to say?

No, it doesn’t. Many sites are never suspended for hitting limits.

The issue is i did not hit those limits.
I did hit them exactly 1 month ago.
I explained the whole situation in my first post.
If the limits really reset every day, this should not have happened.
On both the last 2 days, it happened exactly when the day changed, because they were stuck from the previous month.


I just did a bit more checking, and it does appear you’re right. I looked at some other accounts which were suspended in the first few days in November to see if they were suspended in the last few days. And it does see that more accounts are affected by this.

I’m going to look into this. Thank you for reporting this apparent issue.

I’m sorry for not believing you right away. You have to understand that “I didn’t get much traffic, your metrics are wrong” is something people say quite often when they hit a limit. And it’s usually not correct.


No worries, i understand.
I can only imagine how many people come here complaining for stuff they have no idea about.
Could you send me a reply when you fix the issue?

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The same thing is happening to me.

It is as if the account suspension is based on previously taxed statistics, not current ones.

I’ve been told the stats have been reset now. The graphs in the Account Statistics do appear to have lost their data too. Not sure what happened to those.


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