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I don’t understand why this alert, because my website don’t reach your limits.
Even when my my website was inactive, this message still persisted.
And the problem is that my account always get suspended, and I don’t know why, because as I say to you, my website don’t have too much traffic.
Could you help me.

Try checking this article:
And this article. :smiley:

InfinityFree enforces a limit of 50,000 hits in a single day. Your hits usage counter is reset every 24 hours, but not necessarily at midnight. If you reach 50,000 hits in a single day, your account will be taken offline for 24 hours.

From the knowledge base:

Why is my hits usage so high?

There are various reasons why your hits usage was so high. For example:

  • Your website received a lot of page views.
  • Your website has a lot of additional files which need to be loaded to render a page.
  • Your website received a (D)DoS attack.

How do I reduce my hits usage?

Here are some recommendations to help reduce your hits usage (and make your website load faster in the process):

  • Remove unnecessary Javascript and CSS files from your pages.
  • Leverage browser caching to reduce the number of hits for subsequent page views.
  • Combine Javascript and CSS files to single files.
  • Enable a caching service like Cloudflare on your website to reduce requests to static files.

Thanks for your quick answer.
However, I’m monitoring my website, and is not receiving this quantity of hits. My visits are between 50 to 100 per day.
That’s why I get to you, because I think my site is not correct monitoring by your servers.

Hits are files. Say, you had 1 visitor, and your site needs 3 images, 2 js files and 1 css file. That 1 visitor is producing 6 or 7 hits.

It says IO limit, not hits limit. While website traffic tends to affect all resource usage indirectly, it’s not just website traffic that’s causing you to hit this limit.

The thing being measured here is how much data you’re reading and writing from the server storage system on your website. I don’t know exactly what kind of usage causes accounts to hit this limit, it’s vague and rare which makes it hard to test.


Ok, thanks for the info. I’m going to check my website.

Thanks for the info. I’m checking the data in the site, to detect if there is any problem with too large files.

I’m not sure how this works either as I moved my domain to another host just over a week ago - but I’m getting as many, if not more, IO resource limit and account suspensions.

My site was only ever a one page ‘placeholder’ with a few affiliate links and, while I’m definitely getting traffic, I have not seen a fraction of the traffic and IO issues on my new domain host that I had previously. I also had almost no traffic actually clicking on any of the advertising or links. On my current host I have a fraction of the traffic, but more links are being clicked by that smaller amount of traffic - which is also quite curious.

Draw your own conclusions, based on your own traffic, interactions and IO reports - but my conclusions are that the data I have been provided appears to have a lack of accuracy.

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