Resource usage warning Question

I just got the following Email

Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_25470882 has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.

This limit is reset every day.

The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :

cpu warning

You can log into your cpanel with the username epiz_25470882 and in here click on ‘Account Statistics’ in here there are graphs that show your daily resource usage.

The free plan is a great place to get your site online and making profit, however it does have limited resources available to it, you would need to optimize your script(s) to reduce usage, OR upgrade to a premium plan.

Premium plans have a MUCH higher resource allocation, along with the cPanel panel unlimited disk space, and much much more. For more information please visit Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server

Once the premium hosting account has been purchased please create a support ticket asking for your free hosting account to be migrated to the premium hosting account and we will do the rest.


How do I fix this? It says it resets every day. Can you tell be more

Hello there,

That email is just a reminder and a warning sent to you that you have already utilized over 50% of your CPU usage and if you reach 100% of your CPU usage to would result in a 24 hour site suspension.

You don’t need to fix anything since there’s nothing to fix, what it meant is that your CPU usage will reset at the end of the day meaning if you’ve utilized around 80% of your server resource usage, it would reset back to 0%.


Wow, that’s good to know. This service sure offers a lot of good features. Where can you track the usage.? And how will you know that it has been reset? So by tomorrow morning the data usage will be reset to zero

You can see your usage stats by simply going to the Control Panel of your hosting account and you will see the “Account Statistics” under the “Metrics” section.


Thanks, this will also be helpful for me

Can you tell me What the pie chart means

I’m bad at math can you tell me where i am at

The color pink is how much available Bandwidth and Storage you can still use. And the blue one shows how much Bandwidth and Data you have already used.

As far as what I know you just need to look at it visually, if the height of a line graph is very high that means you are using that large amount of that certain server resource. The higher the line of the graph is, the higher server resources you are using.

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How often will the usage limit reset?

The usage limit always resets at the end of that day.

Ya i just got the alert today . Since i moved my site to this Service . This webhosting service is my number one pick so far.

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